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, ?Environmental refugees are defined as those people who have been forced to leave their traditional habitat, temporarily or permanently, because of a marked environmental disruption that jeopardized their existence and/or seriously affected the quality of their life

, It is so wide as to render the concept virtually meaningless. Instead we should formulate a definition that is more narrow but more precise

, These are not refugees ; rhey are citizens of Louisiana and Mississippi, tax-paying citizens. They are not refugees wandering somewhere looking for charity. They are victims of neglect and a situation they should have never been put in in the first place

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, For example, Zirlott Park (Alabama) is dominated by broad roads and is without vegetation. The children have no playground but can see a ball field through a recently installed chain-link fence

. .. , In some states, half the refugees have rap sheets" et "This was all done for everyone's protection? if you're going to be sheltering people, it would be prudent for people taking them in to know what criminal pasts they might have

, the test is going to be whether we can all survive in this two bedroom house for three months without killing each other

, That did not go well. Those people went to California and other states and they were turned away, the term Oakies was not a term of endearment

, When New Orleans residents streamed into Houston six months ago to escape the floodwaters caused by Hurricane Katrina, they brought in gangs and the violence that goes with them

, A good neighbor and not a paid companion

, I don't recall Senator Bond opening the St. Louis Dome to those Katrina victims

, We already had gangs, and the violence level was increasing already

, A Large majority of the citizens of New Orleans relocated and the burden for their survival suddenly shifted to other communities

, Permanent residents may view refugees as intruders and may, after a period of time, feel as though they have worn out their welcome. It is important to do everything possible to minimize that sentiment and this could be achieved in two possible ways. One would be to segregate the refugees in specified areas with some type of security for their protection. The other solution would be to involve the community in relief efforts to

, Katrina : un aller-simple pour ailleurs. De l'exode à la migration

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